Omaha poker has become one of the best and most popular varieties of poker over the past few decades. It has been often compared with a famous Texas Holdem, as it has almost the same rules and characteristics. That is one of the best advantages because as many casino players know how to play Holdem, they will be able to play Omaha as well. But this game also has its own specific features, distinct from all the other poker games. These features include special dynamics and aggression, due to the higher probability of getting the nut combination and the size of the pots.

The essence of Omaha poker and its basic rules

Omaha poker is a game for action players. It is usually played on a 52-card deck of French cards, the number of players can be from two to ten to begin the game. There is an opinion that the successful result in most cases depends on understanding the rules. So, below you can check some of the basic Omaha poker rules:

  1. Every player is dealt four cards upside down;
  2. After this, the community cards are dealt;
  3. The players need to choose only two cards and use both of them to make the best hands;
  4. It’s necessary to use two of the hole cards while making the hand.

Also, another thing you must remember before you start playing Omaha is the names of phases which make a hand:

  • The pre-flop;
  • The flop;
  • The turn;
  • The river.

This poker game is not that difficult in real if you have learned all about it and understand its rules. Moreover, if you ever played Texas Holdem, you will quickly understand the principle of Omaha game.

Best tricks and tips to win more while playing Omaha

Omaha poker online is a challenging and rewarding game. Thousands of hands can be played, but without the right practice and strategy, you can have a lot of risks. That is why it is important to keep in mind some of the useful tips and tricks that are presented below:

  • Select carefully your starting hands;
  • Use the odds calculator to calculate your chances to win;
  • Don’t get attached to aces, better have cards as A ♥ A ♦ J ♥ T ♦;
  • Try to draw to the nuts in multi-way pots;
  • Don’t think like a hold’em player.

And also, don’t forget the most important rule – to control your emotions. Omaha is a volatile game. You need to stay calm at any time you face the extreme variance. If you lose control of your emotions, then you are missing out on the opportunity to make winning decisions. But, in any way, Omaha poker is entertaining and definitely worth playing.

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