The goal of the game is to win bets by collecting the highest possible poker hand using 5 cards, or forcing all opponents to stop participating in the game. The game comes with fully or partially closed cards. Specific rules may vary by type of poker. The basic elements of poker rules concerning all types of the game are combinations and the presence of trade during the game. Since the players do not know the cards of the opponents, they say that poker is a game with incomplete information.

Poker Rules: General Aspects & Poker Hands

As in any game, the struggle here is between players for a win. In poker, this is a bank that is collected during the game (distribution) at the expense of players’ bets. The owner of the bank is the one who has collected the strongest combination. Texas Hold’em poker rules serve as the basis for learning poker rules. Classic Texas Hold’em is played with a deck of 52 cards. It is a range of cards from Ace (A) to deuce in each suit. Beginners should pay special attention to the fact that A is not always the highest card in poker.

  • There must be at least two people in Texas Hold’em and a maximum of ten;
  • The cards are dealt with players clockwise by the dealer (D);
  • For two rounds of distribution, each player receives one card face down. As a result, everyone receives two cards (pocket ones). Only players themselves can see them;
  • In each hand, apart from D, blinds are also automatically determined – Small Blind – SB and Big Blind – BB;
  • Both blinds make mandatory blind bets. SB is the minimum bet for distribution, and BB is a bet twice as high. While these bets have appeared on the table, the bank began to form.

There are only ten combinations in poker. The rules of poker assume that only five cards are involved in the final combination. All varieties have a common hierarchy of combinations.

The Distinctive Features For Different Poker Types

The word “poker” means dozens of different card games: Texas Holdem, Omaha, Stud, Draw, Chinese poker, Crazy Pineapple, and many others. They are united by common poker rules and hands. Otherwise, there may be some discrepancies.

  • The main difference of poker rules in all types of Omaha is that to make a combination, players need to use two pocket cards;
  • The difference of 5 card poker rules is that the game is played exclusively on pocket cards. Opponents do not see each other’s hands. An exchange is provided – the poker player has the right to change one, several starters. Bidding is carried out after the start of the hand, before and between bids. The number of available exchanges depends on the variety – from one to three;
  • The main feature of 3 card poker rules is the presence of two games in one. Players cannot bet on both games at the same time. The first game is called Ante, the second is Pair Up.

Poker rules have common features and critical differences depending on the variety and format of bets. Therefore, the winning strategy of the game is different. To play successfully, participants need good theoretical training and regular practice in a particular type of poker.

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