Politics Reconsidered: The Politics and International Studies blog reinvigorated

pais banner four dotsToday sees the launch of “Politics Reconsidered”, a new research blog from the University of Warwick Department of Politics and International Studies (PAIS). Alongside regular posts by our academics and PhD researchers, will also feature articles by academics from our partner institutions across the world to provide a global view of political issues. As digital media becomes the norm, we hope academics, policy makers and media will find our contributions relevant and useful in their own work.

This builds on an initiative launched a couple of years ago to share our thinking on a broad range of subjects in the field of politics and international studies. As a major department in a leading university, our scholars are some of the best in the world and positioned to provide an interdisciplinary perspective on world affairs grounded in academic research. This includes expertise within and across our major research clusters: Comparative Politics & Democratisation, Political Theory, International Political Economy, and International Relations & Security.

We will provide you with commentary on world affairs from both theoretical and policy perspectives in an accessible manner, giving opportunity for debate and conversation. Wherever possible, we will direct you to other research that is or has been undertaken by our researchers so that you can get a deeper insight into the topic if you wish to do so. The approach is to draw on academic research while engaging with topics of wider concern. We are committed to share work that is easily digestible and understood so that more people can engage with us across the world.

We will look forward to hearing back your ideas and thoughts. We also welcome contributions from academics and PhD scholars across Warwick and partner institutions, including alumni both as academic and PhD researchers.

We hope you enjoy the first posts and look forward to hearing back from you. You can email us at editor.pais@warwick.ac.uk.


Prof. Stuart Elden (Academic Editor)

Dee Dutta and Ben Gannon (PhD Editors)

Mel Venables (Interim coordinator)



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